Banff and Buchan Liberal Democrats announce candidate

Banff and Buchan Liberal Democrats have selected Galen Milne, a former Highland League referee, as their prospective parliamentary candidate to contest the general election.

A native of rural Aberdeenshire, Mr Milne proudly refers to himself as "I'm a teuchter who spiks the Doric as my mither tongue!"

A party member, activist and campaigner since the seventies he was the secretary of Gordon Liberal Democrats when Malcolm Bruce first won the seat from the Tories in 1983. He is presently a member of the Scottish LibDems Executive.

On leaving school he worked for 17 years at the Rowett Research Institute as a science technician. He then became a salesman for Scotlab covering the laboratories in the key fishing, food, and oil related industries of Banff and Buchan. Mr Milne is presently managing director of Thistle Scientific, a UK wide supplier to the key Life Science research sector.

Through his experience in industry he fully understands the need for local companies to continually adapt and up-skill their workforces to compete in a global economy, especially during the current recession.

Married with two grown up daughters who both reside in Aberdeen, in his spare time he enjoys a regular game of bowls, the occasional round of golf, and watching the Dons.

He is looking forward to the challenge of unwinding the current nationalist majority in Banff and Buchan and will present a voice for real change compared to the tired politics of confrontation that is preferred by the other parties.

Galen Milne said: "I believe the traditional Liberal vote has been on loan to the SNP in this part of the North-East for far too long. My campaign mission will be to encourage the electorate to vote more with their heads than their patriotic hearts next time round.

"I will also challenge the 43% who chose not to vote in 2005 to take more responsibility for their future in this unique part of the UK where the traditional industries of farming and fishing co-exist alongside the established oil/gas industry and the evolving renewable energy industries".

The Banff and Buchan Liberal Democrat general election campaign challenge starts now.