BrewDog’s award show controversy rumbles on

BREWDOG: James Watt makes his entrance at the BrewDog AGM.
BREWDOG: James Watt makes his entrance at the BrewDog AGM.

On Sunday, May 6, BrewDog employees attended the 2012 BII Scotland Annual Awards in Glasgow to celebrate the success in the licence trade.

According to BrewDog’s online blog, available to view on their website, the company had expected to do well in the ‘Bar Operator of the Year’ category, having opened and maintained several bars in the United Kingdom in 2011.

Disappointment was met with shock when, after they were not announced as winners, those announced as winners refused to accept it because ‘BrewDog’ had been engraved onto the award.

BrewDog claim that they were not given the award due to interference from the award show’s main sponsor, Diageo, who, they claim, said that they would pull future sponsorship of the event if BrewDog claimed the award.

Diageo later apologised to BrewDog and the BII over the situation.

However, the matter has yet to drop, with the craft brewery and bar operators suggesting on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter that they may release a commemorative ale.

On May 15, on BrewDog’s Twitter page, a message was sent out to co-founder James Watt, asking “if we were to make a commemorative Diageo Debacle beer, what should we call it?”

Meanwhile, on Facebook, the business commented: “Might brew a beer to commemorate the Diageo Scandal . . . But what should we call it?”

Following the award show, on Twitter, the hash-tag (how a message on the site is defined or organised by subject matter) #AndTheWinnerIsNot began trending in support of BrewDog.

BrewDog has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, holding an AGM for shareholders and fans, hosting live bands at the AECC.