Community councillor calls for patience on buses

Fraserburgh Bus Station.
Fraserburgh Bus Station.

Fraserburgh Community Councillor John Lovegrove has this week called for patience following news that, should the Banff to Fraserburgh bus service continues to attract users, it may be pulled.

The news had been revealed at the last meeting of the Fraserburgh Community Council, held in February, by Councillor Charles Buchan, who voiced his disappointment at the figures currently using the route.

His thoughts were echoed by his fellow councillors, Brian Topping and Ian Tait, at the meeting, who suggested that if it is not used, the town would lose it.

Speaking to us last week, however, Mr Lovegrove, who is the treasurer for Fraserburgh’s community council, commented: “I want the buses to be sorted out.

“We need to give people a bit of time,” he added.

There had been suggestions that bus users had been low over winter because of the weather, and because of the holidays.

“I’d like to see it still going,” Mr Lovegrove added.

The Banff to Fraserburgh bus link had been officially introduced in January, when Councillor Buchan was joined by Councillor Peter Argyll and Steve Walker, from Stagecoach Bluebird, in cutting the ribbon for service 272.