Ian Tait pushes for cemetery upgrades

Councillor Ian Tait at the Cairnbulg/Inverallochy cemetery carpark.
Councillor Ian Tait at the Cairnbulg/Inverallochy cemetery carpark.

A Fraserburgh and District Councillor is pushing for improvements to the Cairnbulg/Inverallochy cemetery.

Councillor Ian Tait has said he was approached by constituents about the condition of the cemetery car park and concerns regarding the future availability of lairs at the graveyard. Mr Tait hopes improvements in each of these areas will be complete in the very near future.

Commenting, Councillor Tait said: “At the end of last year and beginning of this, I became aware from some of my constituents in the Cairnbulg/Inverallochy area that they were concerned about two matters, namely that there were sufficient lairs for future burials and the car parking area flooding.

“I contacted the Council officials and discovered that attempts had been made previously to buy the ground for an extension to the cemetery. However, these attempts had not been successful. I therefore looked into the matter and discovered that the ownership of the ground had changed hands since last time and so I contacted the new owner.

“ He was very willing to help the Council out by letting the council have the ground. The extension would be to the east of the existing cemetery and so there will be no need for a new entrance - visitors and mourners would be able to drive right through to the extension. The price has been settled and all that is required to complete the transaction is for the Council to get planning matters through the area committee.

“I have urged the Landscape Services department to expedite getting the plans drawn up and put in to the planning committee. Thereafter the ownership of the ground will pass to the Council and work will commence at an appropriate time. This means that my constituents there can rest assured that the extension will be adjacent to the existing cemetery rather than an area of ground some distance from the cemetery which is what was planned before I became involved.”

Cllr Tait continued: “As for the area of parking across the road from the cemetery, it had fallen into a bad state. I asked the Estates and Landscape Services departments of the Council to look into this and it transpired that the Council had bought the ground when the ownership had changed and this means money can be spent on it.

“An instruction has now gone out this month from the Landscape Services department to a contractor to tidy up the area, improve the drainage and lay down a blaze to prevent people getting their feet wet in future.

“So these car park matters are well in hand and I am sure my constituents in the Cairnbulg/Inverallochy area will find a big improvement there.”