Report on erosion due

At the Banff and Buchan Area Committee on Tuesday morning, councillors received a report from the Head of Roads and Landscape Services, Philip McKay, concerning the flood prevention and coast protection revenue programme for 2012/ 2013, concerning over 4,000 kilometres of watercourses, 80 minor rivers and burns, and 200 kilometres of coastline within Aberdeenshire Council.

Councillor Michael Watt had previously voiced his concerns about the coastline of Fraserburgh’s West Shore, saying in February: “The site is eroding at West Shore Road rapidly.

“With the out-winds and winter we’ve had, we’ve lost about half-a-metre already.

“The power of the sea has been affecting the site, too.”

Councillor Watt had suggested earlier in the year that a solution to the erosion would be to use the excavated materials, such as large boulders, from the harbour deepening to reinforce the coastline.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Cllr Brian Topping commented on the amount of money required for the protection programme, and the importance of attracting business into Fraserburgh, at Fairney asking if the £5,000 asked for by the department would be enough.

“I think it’s time we nail this now, we’ve got to safeguard that site and the time is now,” commented Councillor Ian Tait at the meeting.

Councillor Watt suggested to the committee that there was no time to waste in solving the problem.

Councillor Tait continued by telling the roads and landscape services that he was concerned that they were unable to provide a time-line for the programme, saying that if the erosion was allowed to carry on it would cause “serious problems” and affect the Council’s assets.

Councillor John Cox, chair, suggested to councillors that “I think the report should come back at the next meeting with more details,” which was agreed by the committee.

Had the committee approved the report on Tuesday, Banff and Buchan would have received £85,000 in budget allocations.

Fordyce flood alleviation measures would have received most of the budget allocation with £40,000, while Rosehearty would have been given £30,000 to combat coastal erosion at 45/ 47 North Street.

Rosehearty would have also received £5,000 for flooding investigations.

Fraserburgh, meanwhile, would have been allocated £5,000 for the coastal erosion at Fairney.

Port Rae would have also received £5,000 for coastal monitoring.

Further afield, Almanythie, New Pitsligo, Kirkton of Skene, Aboyne, Huntly, Fettercairn, Stonehaven, Marykirk and Rothienorman would have all received a budget allocation as part of the prevention and protection measures for 2012/ 2013.

In total £752,000 would have been allocated to the programme of measures for flood prevention and coast protection.