Trash to Trade at Fraserburgh Academy

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A GROUP of around 20 Fraserburgh Academy pupils will be touring the Total plant at St Fergus today (Thursday) following a recycling exercie.

Pupils from S1 to S3 recently enjoyed an activity week with many pupils participating in two separate school trips, one to London and another to France.

The jewellery stall proved popular

The jewellery stall proved popular

For those pupils who did not attend these trips there were numerous events on going within the school and the surrounding area including a trip to Lochter Activity Centre in Oldmeldrum, a beach clean and an opportunity to win a tour of Total at St Fergus by creating, advertising and selling goods made with recycled materials in trash to trade.

Depute rector Shona Sellers explained: “The theme was Trash to Trade and took place over two days. Pupils had to make items largely out of recycled goods and then sell them for tokens to other groups.”

Pupils from all years worked together in groups to create a wealth of products including masks, bird houses, key rings, clothing, cards, bookmarks, picture frames and gift bags. However, once products were made their work was not complete as they then had to come up with innovative marketing strategies and advertise their wares by producing jingles and video adverts that would be displayed before the sale and judging.

The games hall was packed on with staff, pupils, CLD workers, members of Fraserburgh Academy parent council and representatives from Total all eager to see the pupils achievements. After a short presentation where the pupils jingles and video adverts were played the sale got underway.

Leah Stephen and Lynn-Marie Buchan making masks

Leah Stephen and Lynn-Marie Buchan making masks

Mrs Sellers continued: “When the stalls were set up and laid out, I was amazed at the quality of products that had been created.”

Within ten minutes the stall selling pencil holders sold out as pupils purchased products. Jenny Wink from Total undertook the difficult task of judging the event, results were as follows:

The most eye catching: Wood workers – pencil holders

Best decorated: In Your Face – face masks

Most Innovative: Wac- key hoops

Best Recycled product: Puppeteers

Best Ad: Give a bird a home

The pupils in the winning groups of most innovative and best recycled products will enjoy today’s tour of Total.

Covering a broad spectrum of the curriculum for excellence, incorporating valuable skills required in working life and engaging all the pupils who participated, the event was a definite success.

Mrs Sellers added: “The most profitable stall was the Badgers who collected a total of 343 tokens.

“Pupils and staff worked together to make this such an enjoyable and worthwhile event, it has proved to be a great success and I am very proud of the efforts that our pupils have made.”