Maggie’s Hoosie open again for business

Maggie’s Hoosie is open for the summer once again.

Wednesday, 1st July 2015, 3:40 pm

The popular tourist attraction, which is also enjoyed by many locals, opened in mid June and will be available for visits until mid September.

The small preserved cottage was the home of Maggie Duthie, the last descendant of one of Cairnbulg’s fishing families, and is now a museum for guests to come and view.

She was a spinster who still lived in the family But n’ Ben type cottage of two bedrooms.

Maggie remained unmarried and had no children.

She was born in 1867 and died in 1950, spending her life preparing and baiting fishing lines, curing, smoking, salting and drying the fish and selling the fish around the countryside.

Maggie’s hoosie is a two bed roomed cottage - one room, which would have been used by the children, was also the kitchen and living area.

For years the hoosie lay derelict and over the years fell into disrepair.

There were so few cottages preserved since many were demolished or modernised.

The workmen who renovated Maggie’s cottage to resemble how it would have looked in the late 19th Century used as much of the original stones and wood work as possible.

The stones were set together using local clay and sealed with lime pointing.

Admission to Maggie’s Hoosie is free to children and adults pay £2.

A tour guide will show you around the rooms and give a talk about the village fishing community in bygone years, Maggie’s family and Maggie and her hoosie.

Maggie’s Hoosie, 26 Shore Street Inverallochy, will be open for viewing Monday to Thursday from 2:00pm till 4:00pm but appointments can be made at other times by calling 01346 514761.