New Broch pool opens this weekend!

Fraserburgh’s new community and sports centre is scheduled to open to members of the public for the first time on Saturday, February 9.

Friday, 8th February 2013, 4:30 am

The open day will allow future users of the all encompassing complex to see what the facility has to offer and get a taste of what life will be like with this latest addition in the town.

The Fraserburgh Herald was invited by Aberdeenshire Council to visit the new centre last week, being given a tour by community leisure officer Donald Fraser.

Mr Fraser, who is lending a hand at the new facility until it officially opens and community leisure officers Susan Mackintosh and Stuart Cornwallace become familiar faces to patrons of the site, said that they were “gearing up” for the opening and expected it to be a busy day.

“We look forward to seeing everybody on the 9th.

“It’ll be a great asset for Fraserburgh,” he added.

The new centre, which has two swimming pools to accommodate for different levels of skill or ability, also features spectator seating and, as the Fraserburgh Herald was told, is the only pool North of Stirling with competition blocks.

Through the work of local group FISSH, the new centre will also feature a flume similar to the one at Aberdeen’s swimming pool and pool equipment.

Those not up to a swim, however, will not be without plenty to do in the new centre, with two saunas and a steam room revealed to the Fraserburgh Herald during the tour.

In total, the facility features 306 lockers in its ‘changing village’, a unisex changing room which features both walk-in showers and private cubicles.

Touring the building further, an expansive gymnasium and fitness room was highlighted, Mr Fraser telling the Fraserburgh Herald that the new sports facility will see the public able to take up any number of sports, including gymnastics, netball, archery, volleyball, bowls and football.

Elsewhere, there were rooms available to host company presentations, dancing and music workshops.

Chairperson of the education, learning and leisure committee, Councillor Isobel Davidson, who toured the building last week, told the Fraserburgh Herald that she thought the new facility would be a great assett to the community. She added that the committee had been encouraging people to get active and that the community now had a great facility to do it with.

“I hope they come and see it and use it,” she commented.

Fraserburgh and district councillors in attendance for the tour were Charles Buchan and Brian Topping.

Councillor Topping said: “It’s something for the whole community to be extremely proud of.

“Hopefully the town will come and use it, enjoy it and take care of it.”

Councillor Topping added that the new facility could be the “catalyst to improve the town” with the added benefits it may bring to the local economy.

Councillor Buchan said: “It’s good that the education, learning and leisure chair could come and recognise the hard work not only by the council but by community efforts.”