New Pitsligo WRI elects new president

The April AGM for New Pitsligo WRI was opened by Joie Barrack. The minutes were read and business discussed.

Saturday, 19th April 2014, 6:30 am

The trophy for most points throughout the year was won by Sheila Joss; 2nd: Joie Barrack; 3rd: Kathleen Laird. The Endeavour trophy was jointly won by Betty Fullerton, Carol Martin and Lesley Lord.

Joie then handed over to Ian McIntosh, an award winning butcher from Fraserburgh. Ian had brought along a selection of meats that would see us through the week. From all the different variations of the ready meals to some of the more traditional. He also gave us an insight into the running of the shop. Finally, Ian gave a hilarious rendition of The Lispin Leghorn with everyone joining in.

Moira and Margaret from New Aberdour WRI very kindly acted as tellers for the new committee, with Chrissy Laird voted the new President.

The monthly competitions were then judged by Moira and Margaret. Results:

2 Sausage Rolls: 1st Margaret Simpson, 2nd Joie Barrack, 3rd Sheila Joss.

Favourite Photo Frame: 1st Carol Martin, 2nd Lesley Lord, 3rd Margaret Simpson.

A welcome cup of tea was served and the raffles drawn.

Sheila Joss thanked Joie for all the hard work during her term of office. Finally, Joie brought the evening to a close, giving the vote of thanks and thanking everyone for their support over the years.