Round up of WRI reports

Strichen WRI Report

Monday, 24th March 2014, 9:59 am

Linda Farquhar, president, welcomed all to our Mini and Bulb Show. She introduced Rose Rennie and Ethel Slessor from Crimond WRI who had come along to do our judging.

Business was dealt with, then Linda introduced Jane Lowe, who had come along to do a hands on floral demonstation.

All members had a go under Jane’s supervision and finished up with a lovely flower arrangement to take home.

Tea was served with the Mini Show results as follows:


Fingerless gloves 4 ply: 1st: Katrina Mutch; 2nd: Linda Farquhar; 3rd: Susan Nicol.

Novelty Item - up to 12in any ply: 1st: Betty Clark; 2nd: Linda Farquhar.


Sewn Door Stop: 1st: Katrina Mutch; 2nd: Lesley Arnott.

Sewn item - Own Choice: 1st: Betty Clark; 2nd: Katrina Mutch; 3rd: Lesley Arnott.


Photo of Single Flower: 1st: Olive McLeod; 2nd: Linda Farquhar; 3rd: Liz Inglis.

Pomander - Any Craft: 1st: Betty Clark.


Jar of Apple Jelly: 1st: Rene Duncan; 2nd: Betty Clark; 3rd: Katrina Mutch.

4 Rum Truffles: 1st: Lesley Arnott; 2nd: Katrina Mutch; 3rd: Linda Farquhar.

Flask Pea and Ham Soup: 1st: Olive McLeod; 2nd: Katrina Mutch; 3rd: Lesley Farquhar.


Ind Baked Jam Sponge Pudding: 1st: Lesley Arnott; 2nd: Linda Farquhar; 3rd: Katrina Mutch.

Small/Ind Quiche: 1st: Olive McLeod; 2nd: Katrina Mutch; 3rd: Lesley Arnott.


2 No Bakes: 1st: Betty Clark; 2nd: Katrina Mutch; 3rd: Linda Farquhar.

1lb Loaf using a Vegetable: 1st: Betty Clark; 2nd: Lesley Arnott; 3rd: Katrina Mutch.

2 White Chocolate Chip Cookies: 1st: Kathleen Brown; 2nd: Betty Clark; 3rd: Katrina Mutch.

Most Points: Katrina Mutch.

Runner up to Most Points: Betty Clark.

Best Exhibit: Betty Clark, with 1lb loaf using a vegetable.


Hyacinth in Water: 1st: Betty Clark; 2nd: Linda Farquhar.

Amarylis: 1st: Betty Clark.

Pot of Mini Narcissus: 1st: Lesley Arnott; 2nd: Betty Clark.

Best Pot: Lesley Arnott with Narcissus.

Raffle was drawn and Lesley gave the vote of thanks. Linda wished all a safe journey home.

Lonmay WRI Report

President Mrs. Sandra Kinghorn welcomed members and guests to our Spring Show in Rathen Hall on March 19.

After business, she introduced Mrs. Barbara Hookey, promoter for the Mary’s Meals organisation, while judges Mrs Lorna Pirie and Mrs Rita Watson judged entries.

Barbara is a volunteer worker who addresses various groups to make known the wonderful work of the Mary’s Meals organisation which, from very small beginnings in a garden outhouse started by Magnus McFarlane Barrow, has grown to a worldwide organisation providing 850,000 meals every day to children where there is great poverty.

Mrs Hookey’s group are focussing on Liberia. She was delighted to receive 23 backpacks containing stationery, toiletries, books, clothes and trinkets for children who have never ever received a gift.

After tea, show results were announced, and prizes awarded. Mrs Kinghorn thanked Barbara and our judges bringing a very successful show to a close.


Victoria Sponge:

1 Monica Smith; 2 Kathleen Catto; 3 Erica Matthew.

Lemon Drizzle Cake:

1 Sandra Kinghorn; 2 Erica Matthew; 3 Nannie Ruxton.

Two Double Shortcakes:

1 Julie Campbell; 2 Erica Matthew; 3 Helen Hepburn.

Two Sausage Rolls:

1 Erica Matthew; 2 Sandra Kinghorn; 3 Helen Hepburn.

No Cook Chutney:

1 Erica Matthew; 2 Helen Hepburn; 3 Nannie Ruxton.

Rock Cakes:

1 Erica Matthew; 2 Nannie Ruxton; 3 Julie Campbell.

Rum Truffles:

1 Kathleen Catto; 2 Erica Matthew; 3 Helen Hepburn.

Dropped Scones:

1 Kathleen Catto; 2 Helen Elphinstone; 3 Sandra Kinghorn.

Knitted Toy:

1 Helen Hepburn; 2 Margaret Rodger; 3 Nannie Ruxton.

Sewn Toy:

1 Margaret Rodger; 2 Heather Herbert.

Article in Plastic Canvas:

1 Heather Herbert; 2 Margaret Rodger; 3 Lorna Cheyne.

Premature Baby Jacket:

1 Monica Smith; 2 Nannie Ruxton; 3 Helen Hepburn.

Painted Paper Plate:

1 Claire Kellock; 2 Monica Smith; 3 Kathleen Catto.

Mother’s Day Card:

1 Claire Kellock; 2 Erica Matthew; 3rd equal: Helen Gray and Julie Campbell.

Most Points Hosewives: Erica Matthew.

Most Points Handicrafts: Margaret Rodger.

New Aberdour WRI Report

This month’s activity at New Aberdour was quite different and exciting.

After the formal business was completed our visitors, Bryan and Linda, took over the rest of the evening to introduce us to ‘Jumping Clay’. Yes, it did bounce because the clay was made of a unique polymer clay with beautiful colours. And, it smelled beautiful too.

The members all made little Irish Leprechaun figurines from the clay and had a very enjoyable time.

Bryan and Linda selected the winners, and they were: 1st: Wilma Coull; 2nd: Samantha Whyte; 3rd: Karin Whyte.

The winner of the Oven Scones competition was Betty Coull.

The Tattie Soup competition was judged by Bryan and results were: 1st: Karin Whyte; 2nd: Margaret Alderson; 3rd: Leslie Schofield.

The hostesses for the evening were Jane Bridges and Moira Nelson who provided lovely sandwiches and cake for the refreshments.