Broch’s scorch marked basketball court is ‘atrocious’

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An outdoor Fraserburgh sports facility has been deemed ‘atrocious’ by a national level coach as parents push for its refurbishment.

The outdoor basketball court at Links Road is a health and safety hazard according to Leo Harper, Fraserburgh Storm coach and head coach of the Under 11’s national squad.

Over the last three seasons Fraserburgh Storm has had 22 children play for Scotland in their respective age groups but do not have an adequate outdoor facility that the young players can use to train in their free time.

Speaking to the Herald, Mr Harper said: “The basketball court is atrocious regardless of how many players we have playing for Scotland.

“The surface alone is a health and safety hazard as it’s a gravel surface which I know from my own experience playing there makes it extremely slippy.”

He continued: “There are two hoops both of which are at the wrong height and there are no court markings.”

Mr Harper said that “multiple” promises have been made in the past to upgrade the courts but so far nothing has been done.

He said: “As a national coach myself I suggest a high quality outdoor facility is overdue.

“This must include a new playing surface with markings and a full court system with two side courts integrated for the youth with eight-feet hoops and benches.

“In the evenings I suggest the courts are locked to prevent-vandalism.

“This is something I’d obviously be very keen to help with,” he added.

Meanwhile, Diane Grant, whose daughter Kelsey plays for the Scottish national team and Fraserburgh Storm said she was “appalled” by the state of the courts, which she described as “dangerous”.

She said: “Last Wednesday I decided to take my children and their friends to the outdoor basketball court to practice for my daughter Kelsey’s upcoming national challenge competition.

“I was appalled when I saw the state of the basketball court.

“The surface is unsuitable for basketball and dangerous as my son found out when he fell while playing.”

Ms Grant said there were scorch marks on the court and that the basketball hoops and backboards are damaged, as well as being at the wrong height.

Ms Grant says she has contacted Aberdeenshire Council regarding the state of the courts and is currently waiting on a reply.

The council is currently investigatin the situation.