Broch super trawler will set sail in 2017

A father-and-son fishing company based in Fraserburgh has signed a contract to buy a new 290ft super trawler to be built in Poland.

By Sean O’Neil
Monday, 21st December 2015, 3:28 pm

George and Michael Tait from the Broch and Alex and Zander West from Gardenstown of Mewstead LLP have announced a deal to buy the modern turn-key pelagic vessel designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design.

Skipper Michael Tait said: “This will be an extremely modern fishing vessel, so it is important that the design and the equipment driving the vessel also feature the very latest and best technologies.

“We are confident that the Wärtsilä design and equipment solutions fully meet our needs.”

The vessel will be built at Nauta Shipyard in Poland and will be ready for delivery in October 2017.

The contract was signed after the September announcement that the work to deepen Fraserburgh harbour had been completed.

The multimillion-pound upgrade created over three-hundred metres of new quay side space which can accommodate deeper draughted vessels of all types.

Mackerel and herring will be stored aboard the new ship in 13 RSW tanks with a combined capacity of 3,200m³ and there will be an accommodation area, including 16 single-berth en-suite cabins.

Aaron Bresnahan, Vice President, Sales, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions said: “Wärtsilä Ship Design has a reference list of more than 200 fishing vessels built, making us one of the world’s leading designers in this field.

“At the same time, we have the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions, thus enabling us to optimise the design and the propulsion, so as to achieve the greatest efficiency and lowest operating costs, as we have in this case.”