Cairnbulg left without Post Office for nearly a month

Residents of Invercairn have been left without a Post Office for nearly a month after a phone operator didn't set up its broadband service.

Monday, 11th April 2016, 4:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 4:19 pm

The Post Office was supposed to move to its new location in Cairnbulg on March 14 but the service was unable to open after BT said there was not enough room on the exchange.

Melanie Ross, who owns the Loco store in which the Post Office is to be stationed, said: “Basically BT haven’t done what they were supposed to do.

“We are still waiting for them to come and fix the problem.”

The Post Office needs the broadband service to run the tills in the shop.

One man in the town said the lack of a Post Office was “causing a lot of hardship to a number of the very elderly pensioners in the village.”

Ms Ross told the Herald that BT were supposed to have the problem fixed nearly three weeks ago.

She said: “I was supposed to fixed on March 23 but then they cam back to say they couldn’t fix it.”

A spokesperson for BT has said that the problem may not be BT’s as it could be a Post Office line but they were still dealing with the Herald’s enquiry.

The Post Office has been contacted for comment.