Could Fraserburgh see a return to the days of the railways?

Proposals to extend the railway from Dyce to Ellon has re-energised debate on whether the rail-line could be reopened all the way to Fraserburgh.

Thursday, 2nd April 2015, 12:44 pm
The dualling of the busy Balmedie to Tipperty section of the A90 has been long-awaited

The proposal to extend the existing connection to Ellon as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal was made by Aberdeenshire councillors Martin Ford and Paul Johnston during a recent council meeting.

However, Fraserburgh councillors have now voiced their support for the rail-link to extend beyond Ellon through to the Broch.

Commenting, Councillor Charles Buchan said: “It’s good progress. It’s just at the discussion stage just now but I think it’s a very good idea because the traffic on the roads at peak times is dire.

“People from Fraserburgh are wasting three to four hours of their lives every day just to get to work and burning precious fuel so we need to invest in public transport.

“Even if we don’t get a full service right away, it would be great to get a light service. It would be super to get a connection to Fraserburgh.

“I think the plan is to get a link to Ellon first and see how it goes from there.”

Councillor Brian Topping commented: “I’ve been pushing for this for over 30 years. It’s a thing I’ve always raised and folk laughed and said it would never happen.

“But if there’s something you feel should happen you should push for it.

“I’m delighted that my SNP colleagues have successfully put it on the agenda at NESTRANS and they have a feasibility study being done on bringing a railway into Fraserburgh which is keeping it to the fore.

“There’s still a long, long way to go but it’s keeping it on the agenda.

“And hopefully in my lifetime there will be a rail-line from Aberdeen to Fraserburgh, carrying both passengers and freight.”