Councillor asks if Fraserburgh millions are being spent correctly

1-3 Saltoun Square
1-3 Saltoun Square

A Councillor for Troup has said that he believes the £5.7 million raised for Fraserburgh regeneration is not being spent properly.

Cllr Hamish Partridge, a business owner in the town, believes that there are better ways to help the town than spending the bulk of the money improving the Town House and police station on Saltoun Square.

Cllr Partridge, writing on social media today, said: “£5.7million would be better spent investing in our industrial sites, our harbour area, processing factories, our beautiful beach, tourism, sports.

“We need to attract business, create jobs and build our economy and spending £5.7million on a council chamber for 10 Councillors to meet 6 times a year tops (yes I am one of them) and the odd council meeting is not money well spent in my mind.”

Councillor Partridge did state that the Saltoun Chamber building and the old police station was in need of “some serious internal and external improvements” but questioned, “spending£5.7 million on this building will do what exactly for the town, the people and the businesses?”

Councillor Partridge’s remarks come after the Herald unveiled yesterday that the final £1.8 million needed to begin Fraserburgh regeneration project, Fraserburgh 2021, had been secured.

The money will come from Heriatge Lottery Fund while the rest of the funding will be made up of £1.4 million from Aberdeenshire Council, £1.2 million from Historic Environment Scotland, £600,000 from the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund and $700,00 from private owner contributions.