Fraserburgh community centre car park to be extended

Fraserburgh Community and Sports Centre will have its car park extended
Fraserburgh Community and Sports Centre will have its car park extended

The car park of a Fraserburgh sports centre is to be extended after residents found their drives blocked by vehicles attending the popular facility.

Fraserburgh Community and Sports Centre will have the car park extended towards the rear of the facility in a bid to stop congestion at the Toolies houses.

Charles Buchan, Councillor for Fraserburgh and District, said: “I am very very pleased that this project is promising and the architects have their ideas on paper.”

Money has been set aside for the expansion of the car park in the Education, Learning and Leisure budget and Cllr Buchan believes the need for such an expansion is a positive sign.

He said: “It’s a great sign of success that we need more car parking as the projected usage has been exceeded by well over 100 per cent.

“I’m very pleased not only for the community centre and pool users but also the residents of the Toolies houses who have had to put up with a lot of inconvenience over the last couple of years.”

Fellow Fraserburgh and District councillor Brian Topping also spoke of his delight at the money being set aside for the car park.

He said: “Charles and I have been pushing this for a long long time.

“The centre has been a great asset for the town but car parking is obviously very difficult at certain times during the week and we were getting a lot of concerns and complaints from local residents.”

The work on the extension will now need to go out to tender but Cllr Topping hopes that work can start this current year and get completed “as soon as possible”.

The Fraserburgh councillor also wanted to highlight what could be achieved when councillors decide to work together and not against each other.

He said: “Two councillors working part and parcel together can bring success.”

This belief in working together was also echoed by Councillor Buchan who said: “It’s good to see what can be done with councillors working together.”