January jobs fare for Young’s workers

The Scottish Business Minister has announced that a job’s fair will take place in Fraserburgh to help with the impending job losses at Young’s Seafood.

Monday, 14th December 2015, 3:49 pm
The Young's Seafood factory in Fraserburgh

Fergus Ewing has stated that the job fare will take place on January 28 as 650 of Young’s 900 employees prepare to be laid-off.

Mr Ewing said: “We know that the majority of directly employed Young’s staff continue to work but face redundancy in the New Year, while many agency staff have already been redeployed or moved away.

“We are engaged with other employers in the area, across all sectors, to flag up vacancies to affected employees so that we can minimise the time people may be out of work and a major jobs fair will take place in Fraserburgh on January 28.”

The jobs fare will come one day before the Fraserburgh task Force, which was set up to develop and Economic recovery Plan in the Broch, meets on January 29.

One local entrepreneur believes that the jobs fare is arriving too late for the workers to get it’s full benefit.

George Kerr claims that his own online job search engine TEREC has identified over 7000 potential employment opportunities being created in the Aberdeenshire area.

He said: “January is too late for the workers that are losing their jobs.

“This should have been done months ago so that people could prepare.”

Mr Ewing said: ““Since the Task Force met for the first time in October, the Economic Recovery Plan to support workers and help the local economy is taking shape thanks to intensive work by all members.

“We continue to support Young’s staff in their bid to stay in work through our initiative for responding to redundancy situations, Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE).”