New introductory courses offer a taste of life at North East Scotland College

North East Scotland College (NESCol) is offering places on 10 courses starting in February at its three main campuses.

By Kevin McRoberts
Thursday, 25th November 2021, 12:14 pm
North East Scotland College has 10 new introductory courses starting in February.

Applications are invited from those looking to kick start a new career as well as Christmas school leavers.

All of the courses available are designed to enable those who complete them to step up to the next level of study after the summer.

The college’s February start offering includes a new course ‘Get Ready for College’ being offered at both Aberdeen City and Fraserburgh campuses. The course allows students to sample a number of subjects from across the NESCol curriculum, including Care, Sport, Social Studies, Enterprise, Wellbeing and Life Skills.

This is an opportunity for those who are unsure where their interests lie, providing a taster of NESCol life and preparing them for study in a subject area of their choice after the summer break.

Other courses include:

• Introduction to Science at Aberdeen City Campus;

• Passport to Sport at both Aberdeen City and Fraserburgh campuses;

• Introduction to Photography at Aberdeen City Campus;

• Preparation for Media & Journalism at Aberdeen City Campus;

• Gateway to Business at both Aberdeen City and Fraserburgh campuses;

• Technologies in Business at Aberdeen City Campus;

• Introduction to Workshop Skills (Engineering) at Aberdeen Altens and Fraserburgh campuses;

• Automotive Accident Repair – Body and Paint at Altens campus;

• Performing Engineering Operations (Electrical) at Fraserburgh campus.

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