Polite children key strength at Port Errol school

Book Day at Port Errol
Book Day at Port Errol

Polite children were seen as one of the key strengths of a Buchan primary school and nursery according to a recent report.

An inspection at Port Errol School and Nursery has however indicated that the school needs additional support and more time to make necessary improvements.

The report by Education Scotland has highlighted a number of ways to improve the school including increasing the pace of developing the curriculum “to ensure appropriate progression and depth of learning.”

It also asks the school to “better meet the needs of individual learners” and to “develop robust systems of self-evaluation.”

But one of the key strenghts of the school noted by inspectors was the children - who the report describes as “polite and keen to develop their learning.”

The commintment of the headteacher and staff to engage in professional development was also seen as a strength of the Port Errol school.

Education Scotland’s Area Lead Officer will now work with Aberdeenshire Council to work on the recommended improvements for the school .

They will return to carry out a further inspection within one year of the publication of the report.