The show must go on as Aberdeenshire schools Make It Happen!

Twelve schools have signed up for the performing arts spectacular which is to be held on June 12, 2020.
Twelve schools have signed up for the performing arts spectacular which is to be held on June 12, 2020.

A local group of volunteers have teamed up to create a performing arts competition event for local primary and secondary schools from Aberdeenshire.

Earlier this year the popular schools performing arts event Rock Challenge was cancelled shortly after the schools had signed up and began to create their performances for the competition.

Many people were shocked and disappointed by the sudden news and so a group of locals banded together to see if they could do something about it, the result was a vow to Make It Happen.

The committee of local volunteers involves representatives of different schools which have been involved in the initiative for many years and their professions span across education, health and wellbeing, styling and performing arts administration. This group has taken on the task of planning a performing arts competition for the local Aberdeenshire schools in addition to their full-time jobs.

After assessing the feasibility of the event, the committee is proud to announce that 12 schools have signed up for the performing arts spectacular which is to be held in the new P&J Live at TECA on June 12, 2020. The day will involve educational workshops from NHS Grampian Public Health, Police Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council’s Tackling Poverty and Inequality team, and a drug and alcohol awareness workshop from Public Health.

The day will consist of each school rehearsing on stage, learning about performing in a professional venue, designing lighting, directing video and much more, as well as lots of fun and making friends with the other schools.

Aberdeenshire Council's director of education and children's services Laurence Findlay commented: "We're pleased to support this innovative, local approach to delivering what's so much more than a performing arts competition.

"The young people taking part will benefit from a broad range of professional inputs and will be able to develop skills for learning, life and work through this important new initiative."

The event also gained the early support of David Duguid, MP for Banff and Buchan who said: “it is fantastic to see that the preparations for the Make It Happen event are well underway and that the new P&J Live has been secured as the venue for the event next year.

"I recently met with the organisers in Peterhead and wrote to Aberdeenshire Council before the election to urge them to support this project. I am looking forward to continuing to offer any and every support I can for this project which truly shows off the exceptional talents of our young people from dance

and choreography to event planning and technical and stage management. I look forward to seeing this great event next year!”

Make it Happen has made inclusivity a priority in its event for all students who wish to take part and has secured grant funding from the Aberdeenshire Council Tackling Poverty and Inequalities Fund which covers the entry fee for each of the 800-plus participants and also Aberdeenshire Council’s Community Safety Fund as the event helps to keep our local children active and social.

It is however still expensive to run an event of this size so in order to make the best possible experience for participants, Make It Happen is still looking for support from local businesses who would be interested in sponsoring the event. For any companies interested in helping Make It Happen, please get in touch at