Christine’s story: I kicked cancer’s butt

Christine says the diagnosis turned her life upside down
Christine says the diagnosis turned her life upside down

A Peterhead woman is calling on cancer survivors to join her on this year’s Relay for Life Survivors’ Lap, having ‘kicked cancers butt”.

On May 24, 2104, the day before her daughter’s 18th birthday party, Christine Lewis was given the devastating news that she had grade 3 invasive breast cancer.

“That day turned mine and my family’s lives upside down, but the party must go ahead, so sitting getting my nails done ready for my daughter’s special day, I was phoning everyone I knew giving them the news,” she said.

“The party was very emotional, special and was a great night.

“Then the fight began - six rounds of chemo, the first three I lost my hair but heyho, it’ll grow back I said.

“I lost every hair on my body including my nostril hair which I found funny as I never realised how much we relied on that hair to keep the drips away.

“I felt sick, but wasn’t too bad and then the last three chemo sessions were tough as I was hospitalised three times as my body made its own infections.

“I had the surgery the day after my birthday, a lumpectomy and total node clearance as the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes.

“After New Year I then had 19 blasts of radiotherapy and in April 2015 my treatment finished.

“I now take Tamoxifen for five to ten years and have regular check-ups but now in 2016 I can say life as I know it is slowly returning to normal.

“Without the support of my husband (my rock),two daughters and their partners, my mum, dad, father in law, mother in law, brother, sister, brother and sister in laws, my uncle and aunts from England who spent time to come and be with me and all our very closest and dearest friends, I would never have managed to get through the last two year and to all of them I can only say I will be forever grateful.

Last July Christine joined other cancer survivors for the Relay for Life in Peterhead.

“As a survivor with two very close people I call my pals who I met through this devastating disease, we opened the Relay by doing the first lap with other survivors.

“I am trubly humbled by how we were made to feel so welcome.

“This event raises so much money for Cancer Research UK, which without this we wouldn’t be able to receive the best treatment to fight this awful disease.

“So please, join us at Peterhead Catto Park for the town’s Relay for Life on July 2 and 3,”she added. “All will be made very welcome.”

To take part in the Survivors’ Lap call Lorraine on 07928 342619.