Life-or-death battle can’t stop Fraserburgh councillor Brian Topping

A veteran Fraserburgh politician recovering from a life-or-death battle with a serious illness has resumed election campaigning from his hospital bed.

By Kevin McRoberts
Thursday, 29th April 2021, 8:21 am
Brian Topping is recovering well after his life-saving treatment - and is looking to get back on the campaign trail.
Brian Topping is recovering well after his life-saving treatment - and is looking to get back on the campaign trail.

Brian Topping, councillor for the Fraserburgh and District ward, was admitted to hospital on April 14, after suffering from a severe chest infection for a number of weeks.

Testing confirmed it was not Covid, but further examination and an MRI scan showed that Mr Topping was more sick than he realised.

An irregular rhythm was detected in his heartbeat, and after a life-saving medical intervention, he has now been recovering from his ordeal at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Mr Topping, an Alba Party candidate for the North East of Scotland list in the upcoming election, last month left the SNP after serving as a councillor for the party for 37 years.

He has now resumed campaigning by tweeting from his hospital bed, and said he hopes to get back to joining the physical political campaign this weekend.

Mr Topping has thanked all of the staff and medical professionals at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for their help and support, and believes the NHS may very well have saved his life.

He said: “You are probably wondering why you haven’t seen me on the campaign trail. Well, truth is I was whisked into Aberdeen Royal Infirmary a couple of weeks ago. The good news is they are well on the way to getting my heart sorted out.

"Three things to say: First, great thanks to all the staff in the ARI for looking after me so well. What a job they are doing in these tough times, and I can tell you, as an ex-chef, even the food is first class.

“Second, thanks to friends family and all my campaigners, I hope to be back in the Broch working with you this weekend.

“Third, I am now active again on the social media and I know that Alba is rising and so on regional list vote independence, vote Alba.

“F inally, remember, there is no stopping Topping!”

Mr Topping left the SNP for the Alba Party in March. Along with two other former SNP councillors, Alastair Bews and Leigh Wilson, he is one of three Alba councillors on Aberdeenshire Council.