Blacksmith’s daughter visit for Lonmay WRI

Rathen Hall.
Rathen Hall.

Sandra Kinghorn, president, welcomed members and friends to the recent meeting of Lonmay WRI on Wednesday, August 20 at Rathen Public Hall.

After the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved and business was conducted, Sandra Kinghorn welcomed Helen MacDonald, the Blacksmith’s Daughter.

Helen informed Lonmay WRI members that her father was a blacksmith in Edinburgh until her family moved to England.

After a varied career, she trained as a story teller and moved to Stuartfield nine years ago.

Members spent a lovely hour captivated by Helen’s encounters on the road with Scottish, Jewish and African stories of transformations.

The meeting’s competitions and winners are as follows:

Decorated Halloween Sponge - 1 Erica Matthew, 2 Julie Campbell.

Knitted Tea Cosy - 1 Julie Campbell, 2 Margaret Rodger, 3 Helen Hepburn.

Mrs Erica Matthew gave the vote of thanks bringing a most enjoyable evening to a close.