Bright ideas promoted

Fraserburgh Photographic Society welcomed more new members to the September 20 meeting, during which they learned about the use of light in photography.

The evening looked at the basics of using light in photography though a tutorial DVD by Philip Dunn of the Amateur Photographer Magazine.

Light, together with timing and composition, he said was one of the three basic elements of photography.

He urged photographers to look at light all the time, not just when they had a camera in their hand, and to look at the way light fell on objects and how it changed.

Light helps create mood, texture and form. He examined in this tutorial the ‘Direction of Light’ telling us to forget the maxim always take photographs with the sun behind you.

The tutorial said that the best time to take photographs was in the early morning or late afternoon, avoiding the midday sun.

The Society were then taken through the advantages and pitfalls for a photographer of using ‘back light’, ‘side light’ and ‘front light’. This was only the start of a big subject and it was agreed that further tutorials should be found.

The tutorial was followed by a showing of the high scoring images in the 2009 Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) inter federations competition.

The next meeting on September 27 will be a Digital Imaging Tutorial by member Paul Woodburn. On October 4, the meeting will receive the results of the first of the six monthly competitions held during the season. Details of the full programme of meetings can be found at