Broch Photo Society holds meeting

'Cameron on a Jet Ski' by Brian Sandison.
'Cameron on a Jet Ski' by Brian Sandison.

Fraserburgh Photographic Society met on September 11 when members were asked to bring up to ten images to show what they had done in the summer.

A wide variety of approaches were taken to the exercise. Some members concentrated on one visit or activity for example a day at the F1 race at Silverstone or a Mediterranean cruise.

Others submitted images from a number of visits, events or activities that they had been involved in. Others concentrated on submitting stunning photographs that they had taken over the summer. Yet others looked in detail at one aspect of their summer that had caught their attention – Ian Maben had developed an interest in photographing insects, Ally Henderson submitted seven shots taken of one windsurfer taking off and landing.

Brian Sandison’s ‘Cameron on a Jet Ski’ was achieved in somewhat difficult conditions. Brian was on a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) travelling at 30 miles per hour and the Jet Ski was slightly faster. Getting the Jet Ski in shot took some doing. Getting the image sharp with all the vibration of the RIB engine and the jarring and juddering as it sped over the water required great skill.

Ian Maben did not face such environmental difficulties with his shot of damselflies but getting such an intimate picture of such small creatures means that you have to get close without causing disturbance. Focus is also critical at close range. UIan chose to focus on the head of the female for this shot.

The next meeting on September 18 will be a photo shoot. Members will travel to Gardenstown to capture the fishing village as the sun goes down.

The full year’s programme of events has now been published on the website: