‘Doric Wik’ will promote the Mither Tongue

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It is a long time since people were looked down upon for speaking their local dialect in preference to what was then known as ‘BBC English’.

But Don Carney, who has dedicated his life to recording the north-east way of life on film and other means, believes efforts must be made to promote our beloved Doric.

Dr Carney, who earned a PhD for his efforts on behalf of the Doric, is encouraging north-east businesses to use the dialect as much as possible while interacting with colleagues and clients.

Doric Wik has been set up to augment work Aberdeenshire Council is doing on behalf of the dialect.

Dr Carney has said he hopes the project will augment cultural pride and lead to Doric being used more in workplaces and classrooms.

He points out that with some 120,000 Doric speakers in the region, that makes it all the more valid to be used in business, tourism and culture.

Dr Carney can be contacted on info@scottishheritage.co.uk