No alcohol April success

Last month three Fraserburgh women are took part in a Scotland wide, no alcohol April challenge in support of local association DRiNKLiNK.

Friday, 1st June 2012, 3:07 pm

DRiNKLiNK was formed in January by ex-Fraserburgh Academy pupil, Stacey Summers, 25, and aims to promote supportive information to people affected by alcohol misuse.

Stacey said: “Within a survey conducted as part of this report it was revealed that 96% of the 175 participants felt that despite alcohol playing a big part of the Scottish culture, there is a general lack of understanding and empathy towards those who are looking to give it up .”

Ashleigh Pirie (Aberdeen), Dawn Marie Roy (Fraserburgh), Gina McLennan (Lossiemouth), Julie Withers (Thurso), Kimberley Thomson (Fraserburgh), Nadia Geddes (Peterhead) and Stacey Summers all took part in the challenge.

Gina McLennan said: “I was disappointed to see some of the feedback on the challenge labelling a month without alcohol as no achievement.

“What people fail to recognise is the will power, strength and determination people have to have in order to give up alcohol. I would say for the majority of us if someone said you can never drink again we would struggle to come to terms with it. I have spoken to a few athletes and recovering alcoholics following the challenge and they are delighted that no alcohol April has helped to highlight the challenges that they face.”

Elaine from the Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership said: “I applaud anyone who raises awareness and challenges the social norms and cultural attitudes around drinking.”