Fraserburgh and Distict Older People’s Forum

On Monday January 30, the forum hosted an audit of pathways undertaken by the walking groups based at the JIC centre in Albert Street, Fraserburgh.

These walking groups are led by two of the community nurses, Ann Stuart and Frances McLean whose remit is the care of older people in the community. These walks take place on a Monday morning, starting at the JIC at 11.00am and take the paths round West Shore, Broadsea and the Lighthouse areas.

The audit is being conducted by Janice Gray, Healthy Living Officer, Living Streets, Scotland and she journeyed up to Fraserburgh for the meeting on the 30th from her base in Edinburgh.

Also there in an official capacity were Fiona Alderson, Banff and Buchan Community Planning Officer, and Alan Cameron, roads Manager for Banff and Buchan, Aberdeenshire Council.

Also taking part were representatives of the walking groups, led by Ann Stuart and Carol Masson, and comprising both able and less able walkers. All were given maps of the area and were instructed tor record and positive aspects of the walks and to pass on their thoughts about who would enjoy the walks and who would benefit from them.

The area walk took place in Charoltte Street, College Bounds, West Shore and on to the coastal path which leads to the Lighthouse and from there to the Wine Tower. A shorter walk went from Charlotte Street through Broadsea to the Lighthouse area.

On the walkers’ return to St Peter’s Hall, the results were collated,, and an impression was gained from the various points raised of what people’s priorities and what were their main concerns. Dog fouling and litter featured greatly in all various observations and so this issue was deemed to the top of the list of priorities.

There followed a discussion about what can be done to resolve the problem of dog fouling, during which Fiona Alderson asked if she could receive reports of specific incidences, as the Community Planning Group need evidence of public awareness of this, citing the date and place where it has occurred. This information can be left in the Forum’s post box at the Hub in Fraserburgh and it will be passed on to Fiona.

In the interim, the following advice has been obtained from the Dog Warden and the environmental department of Aberdeenshire Council: dog waste can be deposited in any of the Council’s public bins, and many of the newer bins have litter/dog waste stamped on them during manufacture. Aberdeenshire Council also places stickers on bins advising dog walkers that they can use the bins for dog waste. Please note however, that it may not be appropriate to deposit the waste in the bins situated outside certain premises, for example good food outlets, and also these bins are often provided by the traders themselves and emptied by them. So always ensure dog waste is disposed of in bins provided by the council.

Janice Gray will produce a document which highlights the priorities recorded at the audit meeting. The document will be given to the Forum and will be used to inform all requests made to the bodies concerned when asking for their support in resolving matters. Along the route of the walks, Aberdeenshire Council, Historic Scotland and a private developer may all have to be involved in any remedial work required.

The Fraserburgh District Older People’s Forum meets in the JIC building in Albert Street at 2.00pm on the last Monday of each month and everyone is welcome to attend, whether to support ongoing projects, or to raise any matters of current concern to older people or to an individual elderly person.

The Forum can be contacted by leaving a message and contact details (name and telephone number) in their postbox at the Hub (former Black and White club) in the High Street, The box is emptied on a regular basis by committee members.