Fraserburgh Bridge Club

On Wednesday the 18th of January the club played in the SBU Norvite Trophy.

This competition is run from Aberdeen and is one of the few competitions still using aggregate pointing. The company played 24 boards in a Mitchell movement, aggregate pointing. Our thanks are due to P. Noble and A. Proven for making up the numbers to give us full tables. Thanks are also due to Alison Dunbar for making up the boards and acting as Tournament Director.

Results for the night’s play were N/S:

1. Mrs P. Uri and Mrs M. Greig: +300pts

2. Mrs A. Dunbar and Mr J. Masson: -250pts

3. Mrs A. Attfield and Mrs S. Anderson: -800pts

E/W: 1. Mrs L. Hewitt and Mr B. Hewitt: +2040pts

2. Mrs J.Clegg and Mr I.Mitchell: +620pts

3. Mrs M. Eames and Mr I. Mitchell: +360pts