Fraserburgh Photogaphic Society meets

'Away to Work' by Billy Watson.
'Away to Work' by Billy Watson.

The results of the last of the season’s monthly competitions was announced at a meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society on April 3.

Billy Watson’s images were placed first and second, and Mike Chandler was third.

The judge was Edie Telford from Ayr Photographic Society. It was generally agreed by members that Eddie was one of the best judges the Society had used. Not only was he fair in his assessment of the images he was also helpful in the suggestions he made and presented his judgements in an amusing and entertaining manner.

Eddie has just been elected president of the Ayr club even though he has been a member for only four years. Eddie did a fair amount of photography in his various jobs in the construction industry and only took up ‘serious’ (that is, club) photography since he retired. You can see some of Eddie’s images at

Billy Watson’s image ‘Away to Work’ won first place with 20 points. Eddie Telford said: “A superb title taking your eye to what looks like a diminutive fishing boat leaving harbour in search of the crew’s livelihood. We see the white horses crashing ashore with the lighthouse just peaking out above the waves and the dark rocks in the front right hold in the bottom of the frame. The two prime parts of this image I feel however are: 1) the big wave breaking against the harbour wall, and 2) the tiny pinpricks of light coming from the buildings on the right. The author has chosen to purposely present this as a dark foreboding image with a vast expanse of dramatic sky because that is the way they see it and they are right to do so. With genuine respect to this image, it is so good that any random five photographers would probably process it and crop it differently but whatever they did to this image, it would still end up a dramatic and wonderfully memorable one.”

Second place with 19 points was awarded to ‘Off to Work’ by Billy Watson. The judge’s comments were: “What a wonderful environmental portrait shot this is. This lady has worked very hard all her life and earned every rupee she has ever had. We see she is laden down with her baskets for a day’s work and there is good eye contact with her albeit one of suspicion. She is probably thinking that the camera is worth more than my year’s wages. I love the barrels and barrow on the quayside with the fantastically situated fishing boats in the background with the flags flying in the morning breeze. I also think the small but significant building on the rear right of the frame is a terrific detail. This is an all round super shot.”

He also suggested increasing the contrast for more drama overall but especially in the sky.

Mike Chandler secured 18 points in third place with his image ‘A Great Catch’. Eddie said: “A greatly taken shot of this Puffin doing what it does best when it is in mating mode. That is catching sand eels and attracting females. The composition of this shot is superb and the posture of the bird is terrific. We have the bird filling the square format image perfectly and the shutter speed is such that all the detail is there yet there is still a sensation of movement. I couldn’t resist having a wee tweek with this just to make it sing a bit more in the tonal contrast area. I love the colour and texture of the feet and rock. The out-of-focus Puffin head peeking above the rock is a fantastic added element. Great shot and brilliantly executed.”

Now all the monthly competitions have been completed the scores for all the images a member has submitted are added up to reveal the Fraserburgh Photographic Society ‘Photographer of the Year’. However these totals will be kept under wraps until the annual dinner at the beginning of May when the results will be given and the trophies awarded.

The next meeting is the AGM on April 10.