Girls’ swim raises cash for Broch disabled club


Five youngsters have raised money for a Fraserburgh-based disabled community club following a successful sponsored swim at Peterhead swimming pool.

Natasha Stephen, Rachael, Emma and Sarah Preston, and Skye Geddis all took part in the fundraising effort to raise a grand total of £295.20 for the club to continue into the

The club invited the Fraserburgh Herald to their latest meeting, last week, at the Community Centre, to see the girls hand over the donation.

Natasha Stephen said of the decision to fundraise: “My grandma has been coming to this club for 24 years, and she told me that it was running low of funds, so I came up with an idea.

“I went to the Young Women, which is an organisation at my church for ages 12-18, and asked them if they wanted to do a sponsored swim with me.

“I told my grandma the good news and she was delighted. I printed off some sponsor forms and gave everyone, but my grandma took five.

“We have all been eagerly raising money for this event and raised a grand total of “295.20.

“On Tuesday, me, the Young Women and my gran, went to Peterhead Swimming Pool and did continuous lengths for one hour.

“We were all very pleased and got our picture taken at the end. We are pleased to present this cheque to the Fraserburgh Disabled Club, and hope that [they] can all benefit from it.”

The Fraserburgh Disabled Club meets every Wednesday and Friday at the Community Centre from 2pm ‘til 4pm.

For more information, search for the club on Aberdeenshire Council’s website at