Lighthouse to illuminate Jubilee


To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen’s accession to the throne, the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses will be hosting a special evening event.

Starting at 9pm on Monday, June 4, visitors will be given an extended version of the museum’s ever popular Lighthouse Tour. This will include access to both the foghorn and Fraserburgh’s famous Wine Tower.

At the end of the tour visitors will be piped onto the roof of the 16th Century Kinnaird Head Castle where a special beacon will be lit at 10:24pm as part of the Jubilee Celebrations. This beacon will be within a national chain of light as Fraserburgh plays its part in the festivities.

After the lighting of the beacon, and with special permission from the Northern Lighthouse Board, Fraserburgh’s most famous landmark will come to life as the main light of the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse sends its beam across the North Sea until midnight as a remarkable finale to this very special evening event.

The Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, dating back to 1787, is the oldest Lighthouse in Scotland and was decommissioned in 1991, making its lighting a truly unique Fraserburgh way to mark this occasion.

Visitors will also be treated to a dramatic fire display by “Inferno” as the museum begins a year of exciting activities with Theatre MODO.

The event will be free of charge but strictly on a bookings only basis as numbers will be limited.

To book places, please contact the Retail Manager Michael Cruickshank at email address or on telephone via 01346 511022.

Although the event will be free patrons will be encouraged to make donations towards the upkeep and future success of the museum.