Lonmay WRI

Mrs Kathleen Catto welcomed members to the September meeting of the Lonmay Women’s Rural Institute in Rathen Hall, recently.

Mrs Hilda Gerrie read the minutes and then a short business meeting was conducted by Mrs Catto.

Mrs Catto then demonstrated the art of watercolour flower paintings with a step-by-step instruction.

Members were invited to ‘have a go’ and, with the held and advice of Mrs Catto and Mrs Rellock, surprised themselves with some very commendable paintings.

The competitions were then judged.

Aprons: 1st Margaret Rodger; 2nd Monica Smith; 3rd Kathleen Catto.

Teddies: 1st Helen Hepburn; 2nd Margaret Rodger; 3rd Kathleen Catto.

Leek supper: 1st Julie Cambpell; 2nd Erica Mathew.

Tea was then served and raffles drawn. Mrs Gerrie gave the vote of thanks before Mrs Catto closed the meeting.