More security lapses at Northern Court


Concerns about security at Northern Court sheltered housing complex has featured in several Fraserburgh Herald articles recently.

Now we are told that two allegedly drunk men gained access to the building at 8pm on Saturday.

They went to a particular flat where the lady occupant was expecting her son so the door was not locked.

The matter was reported to us by Councillor Ian Tait, who said: “It is not known how they got through the outside door but clearly the security system cannot be working well.”

They did not harm the lady but she was very frightened.

They told her she was not the person they were looking for.

She phoned her son who hurried to Northern Court immediately and met the two men as they were leaving the flat. He told them to get out of the complex.

The son then phoned police who came right away and took the men’s descriptions.

The officers said they had seen two men as they were coming in.

Councillor Tait told us: “I have been in contact with the police about security at Northern Court after there were a number of thefts.

“They have given me an update regarding the security checks carried out at Northern Court by their ‘Crime Reduction’ Team.

“ They say they are satisfied that the security system in place works well and the only issue appears to be the way it is being used by the residents.

“What they have suggested is that they give some advice to the residents about ensuring the system is used properly and that it is not left insecure allowing persons to walk in and out.”

A particular problem exists at any such premises where people who are leaving after a visit meet people at the entrance door and hold it open for them, rather than what they would see as the rudeness of making them apply for entry.