Photographic Society meets at Gamrie

Fraserburgh Photographic Society visited Gardenstown recently.
Fraserburgh Photographic Society visited Gardenstown recently.

The meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society scheduled for September 18 could not take place in the usual venue, the JIC Building on Albert Street, because of the Referendum vote.

Instead, members were asked to meet for a photo shoot in Gardenstown.

Although the weather in Fraserburgh was misty with a fine drizzle by the time everyone got to Gardenstown, it was clear, dry and warm with no wind. The conditions were perfect for photography.

Starting at the harbour the group spread out round the village. Initially, the shots were in daylight but soon it became dark and the street lights and house windows were the only source of illumination.

This meant the photographers had to use slow shutter speeds to get a correct exposure.

There are disadvantages to doing this. First, you need a tripod to keep the camera steady - anything in the shot that is moving, however slightly, will come out blurred. Even the boats tied up in the harbour were moving with the gentle rise and fall of the water.

On the plus side, great light reflections can be captured by the camera and the movement of waves reduced to a milky, misty, even magical, element in the image.

Buoyed by the photo shoot experience three members went to the Montrose area on Sunday starting off at 8.00 and not returning until after 7.00.

At the next meeting it will be ‘back to normal’ – starting in the JIC Building, Albert Street, at 7.30 on September 25.

Members will be looking at images which have been accepted into national competitions to learn and be inspired by some of the best amateur photographers in the UK.

But the photo shoots are also a great source of inspiration. More trips are being planned to find autumn colours, wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

More images from the photo shoots can be found on the Fraserburgh Photographic Society Facebook page and you can post your own pictures on there as well.