Round-up of club reports

Ladies’ Probus Club Report:

Members of the Fraserburgh Ladies’ Probus Club met in the South Church Hall and were welcomed by president Mrs Isobel Gordon.

Our guest for the meeting, Mr Gary Campbell, Business Manager of Fraserburgh’s Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, was welcomed.

Mr Campbell informed us of the upward trend of visitors to the museum and that the restaurant in the Lighthouse was very, very busy with meals.

Mrs Ruxton gave the vote of thanks and a few items of business were discussed. The president closed the meeting.

Men’s Probus Club Report:

The Men’s Probus Club met on Wednesday, March 12, in the South Church Hall. The speaker on the day was Ian Ross who gave a talk and slide show on Phase 1 of the improvements to the road from Helmsdale to the Ord of Caithness. The vote of thanks was given by Jack Provan.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 26, when Ian Watson will be the speaker.

Sandhaven SWRI Report:

The meeting of Sandhaven rural was held on Thursday, March 13, in Sandhaven School.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved and other business was discussed.

Our president gave a very warm welcome to Mr and Mrs Steven Taylor. Steven talked about how he got involved with the charity work of Yorkhill Children’s Hospital, and the different tasks they undertake to improve the health of the sick children. Mr Taylor received a donation for Yorkhill from the proceeds of our charity parcel and a raffle.

Steven and his wife later judged the competition. Results:

Swiss Milk Toffee: 1. Evelyn Stewart; 2. Mary Mair; 3. Una Sinclair.

Get Well Card: 1. Jenna Duthie; 2. Mary Mair; 3. Madge Foubister.

Raffles were drawn and a lovely cup of tea was served by the hostesses. Jenna Duthie thanked our guests for a very moving and interesting talk on Yorkhill Hospital.

Our president thanked all the members who contributed to the charity parcel. The tea hostesses and the raffle ladies then wished everybody a safe journey home.

St Combs WRI Report:

Mrs Stella Buchan welcomed everyone to the March meeting and apologised for missing the February meeting due to unforeseen circumstances.

The minutes were read by Mrs Wilma Smith and agreed by the members. Mrs Buchan dealt with business and distributed the voting sheets for the business meeting.

The charity bingo night will now be held at Old Deer on Monday, April 28. Mrs Buchan welcomed Mrs Fubister and Mrs Gunn who had come along to judge our mini industrial show.

Dr Crockett was to be our guest speaker for the evening but unfortunately he could not attend so Mrs Buchan then handed over to Ava B. who came along at very short notice and gave us a demonstration of origami. Most of the members enjoyed taking part learning how to make a bookmark, a butterfly and an Easter bunny.

A lovely tea was had by the members and the raffles were drawn. The winners of the mini industrial show were as follows:

Crochet (any yarn): 1. Anne Webster; 2. Kathleen Buchan; 3. Stella Buchan.

Crochet cotton: 1. Kathleen Buchan.

Knitted article 100gms: 1. Margaret Buchan; 2. Wilma Anderson; 3. Wilma Anderson.

Wrist warmers: 1. Elsie Stephen; 2. Stella Buchan; 3. Margaret Buchan.

Knitted blanket: 1. Stella Buchan; 2. Sandra Buchan; 3. Wilma Anderson.

Halloween photo: 1. Marjory Ross; 2. Sandra Buchan; 3. Wilma Smith.

Something new from something old: 1. Wilma Smith; 2. Kathleen Buchan.

Halloween mask: 1. Kathleen Buchan.

Tattie scones: 1. Wilma Smith; 2. Elsie Stephen; 3. Margaret McRobbie.

Halloween dip: 1. Wilma Smith.

Brownies: 1. Elsie Stephen; 2. Margaret McRobbie; 3. Jean Del Teste.

Custard creams: 1. Marjory Ross; 2. Margaret McRobbie; 3. Stella Buchan.

Double shortbread: 1. Wilma Smith; 2. Marjory Ross; 3. Margaret McRobbie.

Quiche: 1. Marjory Ross; 2. Margaret McRobbie; 3. Wilma Smith.

Mrs Buchan thanked the judges for judging the mini industrial show. Mrs Kathleen Buchan gave the vote of thanks and Mrs Stella Buchan wished everyone a safe journey home.