Round-up of club reports for March

New Pitsligo WRI Report

The March meeting of the New Pitsligo WRI was opened by President Mrs Joie Barrack. Business was discussed and the minutes read.

As the guest speaker was unable to attend members gave a ‘DIY’ entertainment night with Irish songs, quizzes, give us a clue, recipes and a reading.

Refreshments were served and the raffles drawn.

Competition results: Four truffles: 1st. Sheila Joss; 2nd. Joie Barrack. Favourite Teapot: 1st. Betty Fullerton; 2nd. Sheila Joss; 3rd.June Mathers.

Gay Greig gave the VOT for an enjoyable night’s entertainment.

OPC Bridge Club Report

On March 19, the company played 24 boards in a Mitchell movement, aggregate pointing.

All the points were in the E/W’s hands. There was one slam, on board 17, it was bid by two E/W pairs both in 6 spades and made by one.

Results were:

N/S: 1st. Mrs P. Uri and Mr A. Dunbar -960pts; 2nd. Mrs M. Eames and Mrs P. Muirhead -1660pts; 3rd. Mr J. Provan and Mr R. MacKinlay -3500pts.

E/W: 1st. Mrs L. Hewitt and Mr B. Hewitt +4260pts; 2nd. Mrs M. Attfield and Mr S. Anderson +970pts; 3rd. Mrs J. Clegg and Mr I. Mitchell +680pts.