Second competition for Photo Society

'Time for Thought' by Andrew West.
'Time for Thought' by Andrew West.
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The results of the second monthly competition were revealed at the meeing of Fraserburgh Photographic Society held on November 6.

The judge was Edmund Fellowes MPAGB FRPS of the Dumfries Camera Club.

Some of Edmund’s images can be found on the Dumfries Camera Club web site:

Edmund has won the British Birds magazine’s “Bird Photograph of the Year” on three occasions. He has also travelled widely, photographing nature on all seven continents.

In addition to photography, he is the Dumfriesshire regional representative for the British Trust for Ornithology, and his pictures can be seen in many of their publications and on their website.

In first place was an image by Ally Henderson, ‘Long Time Shut’.

Commenting, Edmund said: “The gate was well placed in the frame and the grasses sparkle. We can see over the closed gate to a landscape beyond. The tones cover the entire range from black to white but with nothing lost in either. This demonstrates how a picture can be made of a seemingly ordinary scene, and there are no technical flaws.”

Second was ‘Time for Thought’ by Andrew West.

Edmund commented: “A very successful exercise in both the taking and the processing. Straight verticals, great whites and all the decorations filling the frame but nothing chopped through. The people add to the scene and the green garment brings my attention to them. The fact that they are evidently looking at the building helps too.”

Third was ‘Sky Bundle’ by John McIntosh.

Edmund said: “Not easy as the bikes whizz by and the opportunity lasts or only a second or so. The two layers of bikes are very interesting with the support car being the key element. The spectators are well subdued and not too numerous, and add as well to the image. The cyclist and car are ideally placed in the frame.”

Mr Fellowes hoped that his observations were helpful. Two pieces of advice he gave in commenting on the competition entries was that with just a little change in position a photographer can make a big difference to the composition of the image and that with competition images a little time spent on staging the scene can again make a big difference to the image.

He said: “I sometimes wonder whether a competition could be repeated to see how people can improve their photography over a year or so. (There has been) lots of interesting subject matter on view that would be worth revisiting.”

The next meeting was due to be held at 7.30pm on November 13 at the JIC Building for ‘Champions Night’. Ally Henderson, 2013/4 Photographer of the Year, was due to present a programme of his own choosing.