Top quality images at Photographic Society

Top quality images were on show at a recent meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society.
Top quality images were on show at a recent meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society.

The meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society held on 10th October the results of the first print competition of the season were announced.

The judge was Graeme Buchan LBIPP,LMPA. Graeme has been involved in photography for over thirty years and has a wealth of experience in wedding and portrait photography.

Graeme owns and manages Elite Photography at 27 Finlayson Street, Fraserburgh.

In addition to looking at the images Graeme looked at three aspects of the prints that were entered into the competition: presentation, print quality and image quality.

He was very impressed with the overall standard of the images. He said it was nice to see the prints presented in window mounts although some of the mount apertures were not quite the right size for the pictures.

Print quality is always very important to Graeme and some of the prints which have been produced on ink jet printers show some banding. When producing competition prints he would recommend cleaning the nozzles on your inkjet printer beforehand. The traditionally produced silver halide prints in the competition are noticeably better quality than their ink jet counterparts.

As it is now possible to do so much to images post capture anything done to an image should be to enhance the image without being noticeable and without causing any side effects, e.g. noise in shadow detail.

There were two prints that tied for first place each getting 19 points out of a possible 20.

Commenting on ‘Krakow Bridge’ by Kevin Potter, Graeme said: “Excellent composition - all lines lead to the couple on the bridge. Nice quality print.”

On ‘Cologne Cathedral’ by Andrew West, Graeme commented: “Striking composition. Excellent choice of mount. Verticals are excellent with no convergence. Pity about the scaffolding and tarpaulin but otherwise very good.”

Two images also tied for third place each being given 18 points out of 20.

Graeme thought ‘The Highlander’ by Kevin Potter was quite a powerful image and a good quality print. There were no catch lights in the eyes but this time it adds to the melancholy of the image.

Commenting on ‘Antelope Canyon’ by Stanley Partridge, Graeme said: “Quite puzzling and stunning picture. I like the scene. Not sure about the colour of the mount.”

The meeting on October 23 was ‘Portrait Night’. A temporary studio was set up and members took portrait photographs of everyone present.

Some of the portraits have been posted on the Fraserburgh Photographic Society Facebook page. Others can be found on the ‘Members Gallery’ page at:

The next meeting will be held on October 30 as is a digital imaging tutorial.