Walking group in cash plea

Members of the in-crisis walking group.
Members of the in-crisis walking group.

A walking group started by the Fraserburgh Reaching Out Project is in risk of folding if they cannot find funding for a nurse, the Fraserburgh Herald can reveal.

The group, which meets every Monday for an hour at the JIC building offers people coming back from health difficulties an opportunity to regain their fitness and confidence in walks around the town.

The group’s spokesperson, Carol Masson, told the Fraserburgh Herald on Monday morning that the group also offered a social experience for walkers to gain new friends.

However, since October, the group have faced difficulties with the health board withdrawing funding for two nurses that helped with less able walkers.

Ms Masson said that the group had tried multiple avenues to find funding or someone with medical experience to help the group, but had failed, thus far, to find anyone who could, leading to members losing confidence in the group’s abilities to deal with a major health problem.

“People feel more comfortable with someone there,” Ms Masson said, adding that some members had embarked on first aid training to alleviate fears.

One member, a stroke victim, told the Herald that they do not want to put their burdens on the other members, saying that the group has allowed them to get out and help with their health.

“We’re not needing money for anything else,” said one member ahead of their Monday walk, saying that the nurse would only be required to attend one hour every week.

If you believe you can help the walking group with funding for a nurse or have medical experience and feel that you may be of service, please contact Carol Masson on 01346 513200 or email carol_masson@tiscali.co.uk.