Elizabeth and Douglas Duthie outside Tesco Fraserburgh.
Elizabeth and Douglas Duthie outside Tesco Fraserburgh.
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A couple from Fraserburgh were in for a shock when they discovered maggots during a visit to the Broch’s Tesco store recently.

Elizabeth and Douglas Duthie made the unpleasant discovery when they visited the store to purchase dog food.

During the visit to the store, Elizabeth picked up three tins of dog food to buy but once she picked them up, she realised there were maggots wriggling on her hand. Elizabeth told the Fraserburgh Herald that the maggots were wriggling out of the dog food tins and out of the cardboard tray containing the tins.

Elizabeth says she then moved away from the aisle because she felt sick, and that her husband went to get a staff member.

According to the Fraserburgh resident, two members of staff then came over and removed the trays from the shelf but did not apologise to Elizabeth or thank her or Douglas for bringing the situation to their attention.

So disgusted were the couple that they chose not to buy the tins of dog food but Elizabeth has since received a £5 goodwill voucher from Tesco.

Since the incident, Elizabeth has contacted Tesco head office and agencies including SEPA, trading standards and environmental health, who have said they will act on the allegations.

Elizabeth has also returned to the aisle where the incident happened but told the Herald that she thinks the shelves have not been cleaned.

Commenting, Elizabeth said: “I felt physically sick. It’s horrendous.

“When I went back and saw the shelf, I thought they haven’t taken a blind bit of notice of what I’ve said.

“I told Tesco Head Office that we have a new Asda store open and that Tesco aren’t doinga good job of trying to keep their customers.”

“How did the tray of food get from the back of the shop to the front without the maggots being spotted?”, she added.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We apologise for any distress caused to Mrs Duthie and we are sorry if she felt we didn’t take her complaint seriously. We’d like to thank her for bringing this to the store’s attention and reassure customers this was an isolated incident and the product was removed immediately.”