A Fraserburgh woman is 
appealing for the owner of a long lost ring to come forward and reclaim the piece of 
jewellery, 15 years after her son first found it.

Broch resident Jacqueline Watt contacted the Fraserburgh Herald about the engagement ring, which her son, Ryan, discovered outside their family home in the 
late 1990s.

At the time, Jacqueline handed the ring into the police. However, the engagement band was never claimed so the police returned it to Jacqueline. The ring has been kept in a drawer ever since.

Jacqueline has always meant to try and find the ring’s owner but never got round to it. She hopes to find the person who lost the ring as the inscription shows it is now approaching the owner’s 55th wedding 

According to the inscription, the couple got engaged on December 20, 1958.

Jacqueline hopes to return the piece of jewellery to anyone who can provide the couple’s initials and a description of the ring.

If no-one comes forward to claim the ring, Jacqueline plans to sell it and donate the money to charity.

Commenting, Jacqueline said: “I don’t know the ring’s value but it’ll have sentimental value to the person who lost it.

“Whoever lost the ring may be deceased but it would still be good to return it to a family member.

“I’m not going to put it in the drawer again for another 15 years, I really would like someone to get the good of it.”

If you have any information regarding the rightful owner of the ring, contact Jacqueline directly on 01346 514037.