£400m for local infrastructure

THE leader of Aberdeenshire Council has reassured the local business community of the authority’s belief in the area’s economic future, highlighting hundreds of millions of pounds of future investment.

Speaking ahead of an economic summit in the North-east last Friday, councillor Jim Gifford emphasised the council’s commitment to developing local

He has also encouraged local business to get involved to ensure that projects reflect local need and ambition.

With planned capital infrastructure investment of over £400 million up to 2016, councillor Gifford said that the council is doing its bit to support a healthy local economy.

Spending will include £186 million on schools and education, £122 million on roads and transportation and £18 million on sports and culture.

The councillor said: “The large sums we are committed to spending in Aberdeenshire over the next three to four years are a clear indication of the council’s commitment to developing the area and its economy into the future.

“Economic development is one of our main priorities and we’re putting our money where our mouth is to make sure this area remains vibrant and continues to

“Despite downturns and news of doom and gloom elsewhere in Scotland, we’re optimistic about this area and want investors to be as well.

“That’s why we’re committing so much to the area’s infrastructure and in revitalising our towns and villages, leading the way and committing funding to work which will benefit everyone.

“Aberdeenshire is very much open for business and as a council with many business people as elected members, we know what the business community wants.
That doesn’t mean we won’t listen to them in the future though, as we need to take them along with us, sharing and achieving a vision for a prosperous