Aberdeenshire bikers continue to put smiles on faces

Biker Santa handed over gift vouchers to the children at Scalloway Park.
Biker Santa handed over gift vouchers to the children at Scalloway Park.

Charitable motorbikers in the North-east once again took off on the road on a whistle-stop tour of Aberdeenshire to deliver gifts to its children.

The group, which included Santa in his best leathers, presented gift vouchers to the children of Scalloway Park on the morning of Sunday, December 1.

Earlier in the year, the same bikers had generously travelled from Fraserburgh to Banff, to Peterhead to Inverurie, handing over Easter eggs to children in each town. This season, the bikers had travelled from Fraserburgh to Peterhead, through to Inverurie and King Edward.

This season, Charlie Reid, one of the bikers involved, explained that money raised for the gifts, which were gift vouchers for Argos, had come from as far afield as Switzerland, the total raised amounting to £1500.

In turn, this saw each child receive £75 in gift vouchers.

Mr Reid said: “It was great, they were just overjoyed with it. Each kid got £75 worth of gift vouchers.

“I dare say we’ll be continuing this on.

“To be able to see what they did with the money from the Easter run, it shows you that it’s something worthwhile,” he added, the children at Scalloway Park having organised a display of photographs showing what they had spent the bikers’ donation on from Easter.

While similar bike runs have been taking place for years, the localised effort by the bikers in Fraserburgh have perhaps broken stereotypes of their silver screened counterparts, showing that their hearts are as big as their bikes.

“They’ve been doing this sort of things for years,” Mr Reid explained of motorcycle riders.

“To do something more local, I think that makes a difference,” he added.