Academy captains have big ambitions

Stephen Watt, Iona McCall, Mr Noble, Tom Curtis, Emma-James Watt
Stephen Watt, Iona McCall, Mr Noble, Tom Curtis, Emma-James Watt

Fraserburgh Academy’s new School captains have ambitious plans for the forthcoming academic year as they take up their new roles with enthusiasm, determination and the drive to succeed.

The Herald caught up with the new Captains and vice captains, Iona McCall, Tom Curtis, Emma-James Watt and Stephen Watt, to hear about them, their plans for the future and what their new appointments mean to them.

Girls’ Captain, Iona McCall said: “Over the course of my academic years I have had many experiences through the school.

“I have had leadership training at Columba 1400 in the Isle of Skye and used what I learned to bring back positive ideas to improve the school. I was also a Peer Mediator and last year I became one of two Young Ambassadors for the Olympics and Paralympics in Aberdeenshire and took part in Active Schools as a Community Sports Leader.

“Along with my school achievements I also volunteer at the 1st Fraserburgh Boys Brigade Anchor Boys as a Leader and I have my own team of boys who respect and look up to me. I always strive to be a model pupil and I feel very privileged to be School Captain this year and I hope to do my best to contribute toward improving Fraserburgh Academy even further and helping the school reach its full potential.”

Boy’s Captain Tom Curtis said: “Thirteen years at school; seven different schools; my third and final year – and it’s going to be a good one at Fraserburgh Academy.

“The school offers me plenty to enjoy. As a keen musician I have tried my hand and succeeded in finding a particular love for the trombone. I’m also not one to sit around doing nothing; along with homework – rugby can run me off my feet. Most importantly, these are two of my greatest passions which I can pursue in the school.

“Pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering, I now study advanced higher Maths and Physics supplemented by History. Mixing ingenuity, creativity and mathematical excellence at a high standard is where I aim to reach.”

Girls’ Vice-Captain Emma-James Watt

told the Herald: “I am very proud to belong to the school and I consider it a privilege to be able to give back and serve the school with this role. I enjoy studying at Fraserburgh Academy and all the opportunities it gives such as the opportunity to partake in Global Rock Challenge which I have been part of for the past five years and being given the responsibility to organise events such as fundraisers and prom.

“I aspire to go on and study medicine which means I put in a lot of work in order to achieve my goals but in my spare time I also volunteer at my church, AoG Central, working with the kids and the youth ministry departments which I really enjoy. I hope to serve the school well and to make my teachers and fellow pupils proud to belong to a school like Fraserburgh Academy.”

Boys’ Vice-Captain Stephen Watt said: “

I am thrilled to do my part for Fraserburgh Academy. Fraserburgh Academy is a vibrant school and with an ever-increasing good reputation I am proud to be part of the process.

“I am an enthusiastic member of One Eighty Youth and also really enjoy helping at Glo kids Club, both have been great fun and very rewarding.

“Fraserburgh Academy is an exciting place to be, and as one of the captains, I shall help make sure that Fraserburgh Academy continues to be an exciting place for both education and for realising the pupils’ potential.”

Commenting on the new Captians, Rector John Noble said: “We have four talented, positive and cheerful young people as School Captains this year. They have already come up with good ideas and shown enthusiasm and teamwork that bodes very well for the year to come.”