Allard urges council to do more on recycling

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North East MSP Christian Allard has urged Aberdeenshire Council to do all it can to improve recycling figures.

Mr Allard praised the local authority for the progress that has been made in recent years but said there was still more to be done.

According to the latest statistics 37.1 percent of household waste in Aberdeen and 35.8 percent in Aberdeenshire was recycled in 2013. Nine out of Scotland’s 32 councils managed to meet the 50 percent recycling target set by the Scottish Government.

Mr Allard has written to Aberdeenshire Council regarding the matter.

He said:“Recycling in Scotland has gone from less than 5 percent prior to the establishment of the Scottish Parliament to 42.2 percent in 2013.

“While Aberdeenshire has played an important role in this improvement, there is obvious room for further progress.

“I urge the council to do all they can to improve recycling figures.

“It is important that councils meet the Scottish Government’s ambitious recycling targets through innovation, collaboration and complying with regulations.”