Anger as four corners vandalised


Several days after a recent clean up of the four corners, volunteers who had taken the time to clean the local landmark discovered on Sunday that it had been vandalised.

On one of the corner of the shelter, a Lithuanian flag has been painted, with empty bottles and cans of alcohol littering the site on Monday morning.

Avril Reid, one of the volunteers who helped clean the shelter wrote on the Herald’s Facebook page: “I would like to say that on Sunday it felt like a right kick in the teeth to see this done, we were all so pleased with the results of our labour and the stunning finish after David had painted it, the whole town was speaking about it and we felt great pride in what we had done.

“After we saw this mess of vandalism we were angry and upset that somebody has so little respect for our town that I personally felt like giving up and just letting them get on with wrecking it, if they don’t care, why should

“But it would be wrong to let the acts of a few irresponsible, ignorant people ruin the pride of our town.

“We do not want this to cause bad feelings between the different nationalities in our town, I would have been just as angry if it had been a Saltire spray painted there, it is the fact that it was done at all that is sickening. We will not give up!”