Animal magic at Broch pet show

Fraserburgh Cat Protection League’s pet show held at the Fraserburgh Leisure Centre on Sunday August 21 has succeeded in raising over £600 for league funds.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 1st September 2011, 10:00 am

Results from the pet show with the animal’s name first are as follows:


Cat any colour long haired: 1 Roxy, Susan Hepburn, 2 Ruby, Keith Hepburn, 3 Bubbles, Rosalyn Sim

Cat any colour, short haired: 1 Scottie, Clair Dodson, 2 Squeek, Jasmine Tait, 3 Ginger, Paula Walker

Kitten any variety: 1 Milo, Kimberley Croser, 2 Raven, Imogine Strachan

Junior Cat 9 months to 2 years: 1 Sox, Elizabeth Morrice, 2 Ginger Bob, Rachael Duthie, 3 Squeek, Jasmine Tait

Senior cat aged 2 yrs and over: 1 Mickey, Isla McKenzie, 2 Mowgli, Susan Burnet, 3 Ben, Carmen Duthie

Veteran cat aged 2 years or over - Redbrae Trophy sponsored by Redbrae Shetlands in memory of Fraser: 1 Ronnie, Clair Dodson, 2 Bubbles, Rosalind Sim

Best rescue cat: 1 Bubbles, Rosalind Sim, 2 Squeek, Jasmine Tait, 3 Ronnie, Clair Dodson

Most unusual cat or kitten: 1 Ruby, Keith Hepburn

Cat or kitten with the most beautiful eyes, Sheild sponsored by Maggie Graham in memory of Sydney: 1 Squeek, Jasmine Tait

Cat or kitten with saddest face: 1 Milo, Kimberley Croser

Cat the judge would most like to take home: 1 Sox, Elizabeth Morrice

Cat or kitten with longest whiskers: Roxy, Susan Hepburn

Most contented cat: 1 Ginger Bob, Racheal Duthie

Cat or kitten owned by child 14 or under: 1 Ben, Carmen Duthie

Cat or kitten in best condition (short hair): 1 Ginger, Paula Walker

Largest cat: 1 Roxy, Susan Hepburn

Best rescue cat any age homed by Fraserburgh Cat Protection League for League Cup: Squeek, Jasmine Tait

Best loved cat for Nicholson Trophy: 1 Milo, Kimberley Croser, 2 Bubbles, Rosalind Sim, 3 Raven, Imogen Strachan

Cat who has survived ill treatment, neglect, cruelty for Sparky memorial trophy: 1 Ginger, Paula Walker, 2 Squeek, Jasmine Tait

Best in show sheild: Mickey, Isla McKenzie

Small animals:

Rabbit long and short hair: 1 Buttons, Rhiannon Forman, 2 Blossom, Abbie, Aidan and Amber Colley, 3 Milly, Lori Ann Reid

Baby rabbit 6 months and under: Seal, Lona Duthie, 2 Dexter, Lori Ann Reid, 3 Ollie, Alana Quirie

Guinea pig long or short hair: 1 Lucy, Jessica Jubb, 2 Gabriella, Ellie Jubb

Hamster long or short hair: 1 Minnie, Isla McNab, 2 Lottie, Elaine Quirie

Miscellaneous: 1 Arnie, 23 yr old Chilean rose tarantula, Ethan Dodson

Most unusual creature: Arnie the tarantula, Ethan Dodson

Best in show: 1 Arnie the tarantula, Ethan Dodson, 2 Seal the baby rabbit, Lona Duthie


Puppy 6 - 12 mths: 1 Suzi, Carol Strachen, 2 Alaska, Paige Matherr, 3 Kasey, Laura Fisher

Small dog: 1 Jack, Raymond Watson, 2 Charlie, Brenda Duthie, 3 Dynky, Garden

Medium dog: 1 Penny, Thea Campbell, 2 Sandy, Steven Sooter, 3 Ted, Eden Burnett

Large dog: 1 Harry, Gavin Duthie,

Vetrean dog 7 yrs or over - Redbrae trophy in memory of Dixie: Tupence, Mabel Runcie,

Lurchers and hounds - Redbrae trophy in memory of Tiger: Blue, Scott McDonald, Best rescue dog: Emily, Shona Greenall

Dog with saddest face: Cooper, Ross Lawrence

Dog with waggiest tail: Honey, Karen Stewart

Dog most like handler: 1 Cherry, Tasha Brooks, 2 Louie, Syden Cherry

Dog in best condition: Tammi, Adele Simpson

Dog or puppy owned by child 14 or under: Dexter, Jessica

Dog the judge would most like to take home: Tammi, Adele Simpson

Talent contest adult handlers: 1 Amber, Mrs Fisher, 2 Sandy, Steven Sooter, 3 Finlay, Rachel Coleman

Talent contest child handlers: 1 Harley, Niomi, 2 Alaska , Paige, 3 Brodie, Tyler

Best in show sheild: 1 Whipet, Thea Campbell, 2 Alaskan Malamute, Gavin duthie, 3 Finnish Lapphund, Carol Strachan

Overall winner for Dee Jays Cup: Whippet, Thea Campbell