Annie is first show for new Broch group

The Broch Drama Group will put on their first performance, Annie, in September
The Broch Drama Group will put on their first performance, Annie, in September

A Fraserburgh Drama Society will hold its first ever performance in September when they put on the hit musical Annie.

The Broch Drama Group will put on a five night stint of the 1982 version of the show at Fraserburgh Academy from September 26 until the 30.

The group is hoping that audiences will come in support of the new group which hosts a lot of up and coming talent from Fraserburgh.

Claire Ross, Co-Director and Producer of the show, said: “Come along and support us in our first show, come and see some local Broch talent.”

Patricia Marr, also Co-Director and Producer, said: “We were overwhelmed with the amount of people that came for the auditions so we hope people come along and support our first show.

“It’s going to be a great show.”

The group have been rehearsing since May for their opening night. Brochers will be able to get an early look at the performers on September 10 when their will be a performance at Super Saturday.

Claire, who also plays Grace, said: “We’re doing a couple of our songs and we’re doing some entertainment on the day and we’re having a raffle.”

The orphan’s of Annie will also be turning up at Fraserburgh Football Club on September 17 before the game.

Annie is played by Emma Nicol in the September show while the speaking orphans are : Millie Mackay, beth Ross, Kyle Reid, Matthew Buchan, Lucy-Jo Masson, Carly Slesson, Aureila Ritchie, Julia Eddie, Brodie Buchan and Anna Velykorodngy.

Other main roles will star Gordon Pittendrigh who plays Warbucks, Nicola Henderson who plays Ms Hannigan, Dillon Third who is Rooster and Rebecca McKinnon who plays Lily.

The musical director for the show is Marian Michie with Darren Wilson doing stage management and Carrie Scott, Aaliyah Twycross and Jack Easdale will choreograph the show.

Acting coaches are Jaimae Bain and Scarlett Humpridge .

The Boylan Sisters are played by Caitlin, Chloe and Cheyan Henderson. David Rennie also stars.

Tickets for Annie will be on sale from R&S Dygas and C&A West from August 26th costing £8.