Appeal after animal sanctuary flooding

Willows Animal Sanctuary suffered flooding
Willows Animal Sanctuary suffered flooding

An Aberdeenshire charity is appealing for donations after it was badly affected by the flooding that was seen across the country last week.

Willows Animal Sanctuary, which is located between Strichen and New Pitsligo, has sustained damage to some of its buildings from high winds.

The heavy rain also caused flooding to some of the buildings and fields.

One barn in particular was described as an ‘indoor swimming pool’ by sanctuary manager Jenny Grey.

All the animals needed to be evacuated, and the shelter was successful in keeping them all safe, warm and dry.

They are appealing for funds to repair and replace the damage at

Ms Gray said that they do not know the cost of the damage yet as they are awaiting quotes for the work needing done.

But she said that they have had to use more bedding and feed than is usual as a result of the flooding and animal relocation.

She added: “We had to get inventive and keep animals in places you wouldn’t expect to place them.

“Some of them had to stay in the cafe as that was one of the driest parts of the site.”

The animals are now out of ‘immediate danger’ but repairs still need to get done.

She expressed her gratitude to those that have already helped the charity.

She said: “It would be really fantastic to get any contribution and many thanks to everyone who has given their support so far.”

Ms Gray noted that most of the animals are back in their usual pens, but some parts of the sanctuary are still inaccessible.

“If this is the last of the heavy rain we should be able to go ahead with ongoing repairs,” she said.

The sanctuary has a famous patron: Paul Rodgers, best known as the singer for Free and Bad Company, and his wife Cynthia Kereluk Rodgers.